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Crashkits most Frequently Asked Questions...


  • What makes a Crashkit different?

    Why can you only open a Crashkit once?

    Do you deal direct with government and law enforcement agencies?

    How did you select the content for each of your Crashkits?

    Where are the Crashkits Made?

    Who guarantees your products?

    What if I want a Crashkit custom made for me?

    What if I want to make a bulk order?

    There is redundant everything in the Crashkits.. Isn’t it overkill?

    How long do your CrashKits last when used during a disaster?

    If there is a problem who will I be dealing with?

  • What makes a Crashkit different?

    A Crashkit is not simply another ‘survival kit’. Crashkit itself is a design principle for our brand of survival gear. The idea is simple; pack as much high quality gear into the smallest space possible. Shrink everything that can be shrunk and compress everything that can be compressed. Once the process is complete, you have an amazingly compact and rugged kit that is as durable as it is useful. As opposed to regular survival and 72hour kits, a Crashkit is not designed to be opened and closed frequently for minor inconveniences... It’s designed to be used only once. Specifically, Crashkits have been designed to survive a typical airplane crash and make things as comfortable as possible in the aftermath. To this end, Crashkits can only be opened once. Once the seal is broken and the lid opened, products immediately begin expanding to regain their normal shapes and sizes. Care must be taken to open your Crashkit in the event of a life threatening emergency only.

  • Why can you only open a Crashkit once?

    As eluded to in the previous question, Crashkits are packaged using compression techniques in order to cram an unusual amount of gear in an unusually small case. Once the seal is broken and lid lifted, air is then allowed back into the case causing the contents to expand back to their original sizes. Repackaging the contents once this happens is virtually impossible without the proper tools and equipment. Making the kits ‘reusable’ or ‘resealable’ would decrease product capacity by over 30%.

  • Do you deal direct with government and law enforcement agencies?

    Of course! Crashkit deals with 'official entities' the world over. In addition to maintaining an active entry in the US Government Central Contractor's Registry database, we have also attained our D&B Data Universal Numbering System entry along with our Commercial and Government Entity code for NATO based transactions. In addition, Crashkit is also bound by the Canadian Air Cargo Shipping Program (ACS), and is listed as an international secure shipment company for all Military, Government and Law Enforcement Procurements .

  • How did you select the content for each of your Crashkits?

    Easy.  As a commercial pilots that regularly flew in mountainous terrain, we simply asked ourselves “If cost wasn’t an issue, what would we want to take out of a survival kit after WE had been in a plane crash”.  From there, it was a matter of research to find the ‘best of’ each product for the kit.  Dozens of multi-tools were tested, we choose Leatherman for its quality.  Numerous cases were tried, we chose Pelican for its reliability and ruggedness.  Countless ropes and cords were destroyed in testing, but we chose 550-7 Milspec Paracord for its proven durability.  During the product selection process, the same care and attention was also afforded to the other 731 standard items that make up a Crashkit. 

  • Where are the Crashkits Made?

    We here at Crashkit International hand build every kit to order in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Every Crashkit is hand assembled from selected items that have met our standards for quality & reliability from leading vendors that we represent.  As these kits are not mass produced, you can be guaranteed each and every kit has been given a personal touch.  We understand there is a percentage of Crashkits that will never get used, and that’s fantastic!!  It’s the people that have to actually open the kits that we worry about.  Those are the people we build them for, and because each kit gets this personal attention, you can be sure everything will be in its place should you ever need it.  After all, your Crashkit has been made especially for you. 

  • Who guarantees your products?

    Crashkit only deals with genuine Brand name products such as Pelican, Smiths, Aquatabs, Mayday, Leatherman, etc. Most products contained within the Crashkits carry their own warranty of some sort, and as an OEM distributor, we have the ability to help you out if you ever have a problem with any of the products we carry. We honour all warranty claims on all products we sell.  In addition, we also guarantee all Crashkits to be free from Manufacturers defects.  Bottom line is we want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase.  More importantly than the paper guarantee, we need you to be able to rely on it with your life should you ever be in the situation to need it.. 

  • What if I want a Crashkit custom made for me?

    Most of our kits are custom orders.  Contact us if there is something specific you need.  Once you have the requirements of what the kit needs to accomplish, send us a list and we will do our best to help.  Occasionally this process takes a little longer, but with over 9,000 products available through our various suppliers, we can outfit any operation, in any environment, anywhere in the world.

  • What if I want to make a bulk order?

    With the proven capacity to produce hundreds of kits per month, Crashkit is able to meet your fleet demands on time and on budget.  Regardless if you are looking to outfit your own personal 152 or a fleet of Beech 1900’s, we will ensure your aircraft not only exceed all relevant and applicable government standards for survival and first aid, but will also provide the real world survival tools should you or your crews need them.  We believe there is no order too large or too small, and every order receives the same care and attention.   Give us a call to enquire about fleet discounts.

  • There is redundant everything in the Crashkits.. Isn’t it overkill?

    Sure it is, and that’s actually the point of Crashkit in the first place!!

    Government agencies suggest you have a bare minimum when flying further than 25nm from your field.  Now when it comes to a real survival situation, the more knowledge you have, the fewer tools and less equipment you’re going to need.  When it comes to the Crashkits, we assume you’re not using it because you’re out camping over the weekend.  We’re assuming whatever your need is, it’s serious.  And when you’re in a serious survival situation, the less you have to think about, the better.  You could be injured, or worse.  The kit could end up in passengers’ hands who may know little more about survival than what they’ve seen Bear Gryls accomplish in the ‘wild’.  When it comes to survival help.. too much of a good thing is just about right!

  • How long do your CrashKits last when used during a disaster?

    Each of our products is different, which is why we have included number of people and number of days in our product descriptions.  We have to reinforce that this is a guide only.  People who have survival training or knowledge may be able to make the kits last longer.  Those with limited knowledge may use items much more quickly. 

  • If there is a problem who will I be dealing with?

    We hope that your shopping experience here at Crashkit will be a good one, but even we might get it wrong sometimes.  If there is ever a problem with your order, or if you wish to contact us by either email or telephone, you will always be given the personal touch, no queues, no call centers, just good old friendly staff. 

    If you have purchased your Crashkit through one of our distribution partners, please contact the customer service department of that partner for assistance prior to contacting us directly.  If however there is any issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction through these channels, please call us directly and we would be happy help resolve these issues with you in person.