Several Nine (!) years ago, while our CEO was still completing his Commercial Airplane License in the Rocky Mountains of Western Alberta, he found rental airplane survival kits decidedly lacking and went about designing his own personal kit. After studying other kits available on the internet, he constructed what he thought was the ‘perfect kit’. It was soon dissected by an ex-military survivalist friend however; who showed it was inherently flawed as were most of the kits it was based on.

Over the next several months, all items were systematically researched and most replaced with higher quality alternatives, providing not only more functionality, but also increasing the usefulness and longevity of the product itself. As area schools began requesting similar kits capable of supporting the typical loadout of four persons in a Cessna 172/182, Crashkit was officially born.

While flight schools were looking for larger ‘Transport Compliant’ gear with extensive medical components, requests from fellow pilots were more specifically aimed at smaller, more compact kits capable of being carried on the person. This became the basis for our flagship aviation lines; ‘Personal Flight Series’ and the ‘Professional Flight Series’.

As research continued, various military and civilian agencies were contacted regarding kit design and product usefulness. As the kits were reviewed and product suggestions came flooding in, all questionable items were modified or replaced to exceed the expected functionality. Once all reviews came back positive, it was time to release to the general public.

To demonstrate our confidence in the product line, we choose SARSCENE 2006 for our grand unveiling. After three days of scrutiny, thousands of qualified police, fire, paramedics and rescue personnel agreed these are simply the best survival kits available. Covering the event, CTV Ottawa features Crashkit as “The most innovative new product” of the show. Contracts were then established for customized ‘Ground Search and Rescue’ kits, and product development begins on several new product lines including Marine, ATV, Snowmobile, Hunter and Ground Transportation Kits.

Today, with 5 separate categories and 19 survival products available, Crashkit is striving to be the leader in survival gear. Designed by Canadians for use in the rugged Canadian wilderness, Crashkit survival gear is tough, dependable and guaranteed to perform when you need it the most.

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