Including everything required by CARS 602.61 (1), the Crashkit Micro features a Sparklite Flint and Tinder set for instant fire, a lightweight mylar emergency bag for shelter, a heliograph signaling device along with Aquatabs water purification tablets sufficient for 10 liters of water. In addition, we have also included a water resistant Crashkit button light as a secondary nighttime signalling device. Weighing in at only 89 grams and fitting easily in a shirt pocket, the Crashkit Micro is the smallest aviation survival kit available.

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The Crashkit Micro is designed to be the smallest and lightest aviation survival kit available while still meeting Transport Canada minimum requirements for survival.

Transport Canada states in the CARS, 602.61 (1) Subject to subsection (2), no person shall operate an aircraft over land unless there is carried on board survival equipment, sufficient for the survival on the ground of each person on board, given the geographical area, the season of the year and anticipated seasonal climatic variations, that provides the means for

(a) starting a fire;

(b) providing shelter;

(c) providing or purifying water; and

(d) visually signalling distress.

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Weight 0.089 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 2 cm

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