Once you have purchased your Crashkit, you can rest assured you now have a distinct advantage should you ever be faced with a survival situation. Many items in the kits have expiration dates you should be aware of. And while the kits themselves are virtually impossible to get closed again once they are opened, the easiest way to track your personal kit inventory is via our web expiration tracker. Simply enter the serial number for a list of all time dated expiration items contained in your personal kit. While our expiration tracker is currently offline being redesigned, we invite you to call our office with expiration questions at 403-668-1670

Depending on the application of the kit, some users choose to recertify their kits every three or four years, however, to maintain Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration guidelines, each kit must be recertified on a yearly basis.

Once your kit is over a year old, its effectiveness does begin to ‘Time Out’, requiring a recertification to update all contents. This is a very simple process which generally takes less than a week. Upon recertification, all kits are completely dismantled and examined piece by piece, and should a product fail our testing (ie: was used, expired, ect) it is replaced.

Product Time Frame Usefulness:

Common product time frame usefulness varies depending on product. For example, all food and water products boast a five year shelf life, while most medical supplies (acetaminophen, benzalkonium chloride, sting-stop, etc) need to be replaced every year. Aquatabs are five years while hand and body warmers are good for four years.

Once you have determined the most appropriate recertification schedule for your situation, you simply send us back the kit for processing.

Recertification Costs:

The time it takes to disassemble and process a kit is the only non-variable in the recertification process. Everything else is dependent upon the dates contained in your specific kit and the items to be replaced. Basic recertification costs are as follows:

  • Bravo: $20.00
  • Charlie: $25.00
  • 2:7: $40
  • 4:7: $45
  • 6:7: $45
  • 10:7: $50
  • Air21: $45

For example, if you were to send back a Charlie for recertification two years after purchase and wanted all time dated items updated, your cost would be $45.18 plus shipping. We would need to replace the food, acetaminophen, hot chocolate mix, tea bags, Aquatabs and hand warmers for a total cost of $20.18 plus the $25.00 packaging fee.

If you ever have any questions, or are looking for information on your kits options, we're always around to help out.. Just give us a call!

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