Crashkit 6Lite


  • Smaller, lighter, cheaper!
    • New for 2021, the ‘Crashkit 6Lite’ now contains 229 unique and essential items specific to shelter, signal, fire and water purification. This kit DOES NOT contain additional ‘luxury’ items such as survival rations, prepacked water, hand/foot warmers etc.
    • Housed in a Pelican 1400 Case, the ‘Crashkit 6Lite’ is smaller and lighter, yet still plenty robust for many applications. Designed to comfortably sustain 6 people, this kit exceeds all Transport Canada compliance standards for both Survival and First Aid, Type B (6+).
    • Quick Stats
      Pelican Case:1400
      DIMS:33.9 x 29.5 x 15.2 cm
      13.37″ x 11.62″ x 6″
      First Aid:Type B (6+)
      Warranty: Lifetime

    Recertification Schedule: 5 Years

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    • The ‘Crashkit 6Lite' has been designed for use in smaller GA light aircraft and contains 229 essential items needed to sustain six people. This Aviation kit contains multiple options for fire, water, shelter and signal. This kit also includes Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets, Gerber Multitool, Spark-Lite Flint and Tinder along with our very own Crashkit brand Firecord, Knotcard and many other proven survival items.
    • The kit is packaged in a Pelican 1400 case, is lightweight and compact for ease of storage.
    • Content list is approximate.

    Additional information

    Weight 4.604 kg
    Dimensions 34 × 29.5 × 15.2 cm

    Black, Desert Tan, Orange, Silver, Yellow

    Optional Case size upgrade

    Pelican 1450, Pelican 1500, Pelican 1520, Pelican 1550

    Crashkit Content

    1930 LED-L111
    Aluminum foil22
    Antibiotic Ointment44
    Aquatabs - 10's810
    Biohazard Red Bag, open11
    Biohazard Red Bag, sealable11
    Cable Ties44
    Calcium Carbonate Tablets12
    Chain Saw11
    Chap Stick12
    Cool Burn Dressing 4 x 424
    Cool Burn Sachet44
    Cough Drops66
    CPRO Shield33
    Critical Action Card11
    Duct tape 100"12
    Electrolyte Replacement Mix36
    Emergency Bag66
    Emergency Blanket66
    Emergency Shelter with cord22
    Eye Shield12
    Finger Splints11
    Firecord - 50 Prepack22
    First aid book11
    Flagging tape 20 feet46
    Food, Mainstay - 240013
    Gauze - Adhesive Bandage2020
    Gauze - Bandage 5"x9" (Ab-Pad)44
    Gauze - Butterfly closures - Large22
    Gauze - Butterfly closures - Small55
    Gauze - Eye Pads22
    Gauze - Knuckle Bandage22
    Gauze - Pads 3*322
    Gauze - Pads,4x488
    Gauze - Roll,3x511
    Gauze - Tensor Bandage11
    Gauze - Triangular Bandage33
    Gerber Suspension11
    Gloves, Medical grade88
    Knife Sharpener11
    Knot Card22
    LED Light46
    Medical Tape 2.5 x 4.522
    Mini Shovel W/Pick11
    Mosquito head net66
    Nail Clipper11
    Needles (sewing)12
    Note pad22
    Rain Poncho66
    Safety Pins11
    SAS Survival Pocket Guide11
    Scissors (12 in 1)11
    Scissors (Bandage)11
    Signal Mirror12
    Snare Wire33
    Spark-Lite Flint11
    Spark-Lite Tinder x 612
    Splint - Small11
    Sting Stop66
    Survival Bag (Orange)22
    Thermometer (Disposable)22
    Water bag11
    Water Filter11
    Whistle 422
    Wire Saw12
    Zip lock bag - medium11
    Zip lock bag large22
    1450 Case1
    Fire Sticks3
    Food, Mainstay - Water6
    Foot Warmers6
    Hand Warmers12
    Hot Chocolate6
    Insect repellent Wipes6
    Lifesavers, Roll1
    Playing cards large1
    Sierra Saw, large red1
    Splint - large2
    Survival Candle1
    Tea Bags6
    1400 Case1
    Lifesavers, Individual4
    Sierra Saw, small orange1

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