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The Crashkit 6:7 contains over 300 of the most essential items you will need in a wilderness survival situation. Designed to sustain six people for seven days and packaged in the indestructible Pelican 1450 case, this kit is idea for 6 passenger aircraft and helicopters. Contents contain multiple options for provision of water, fire and food, including Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets and the Spark-Lite Flint and Tinder Kit. (The official fire starter for the US Army).

This kit exceeds all Transport Canada requirements for both survival and First Aid including SCHEDULE 2 (Subsections 9.8(4) and (5)) and SCHEDULE 3 (Subsection 9.8(6)) for Type B, 6+ person plus. In addition, all contents have been extensively researched and tested to ensure they will perform flawlessly when needed.
Content list is approximate.

Quick Stats
Pelican Case:1450
DIMS:40.6 x 33 x 17.4 cm
16″ x 13″ x 6.87″
First Aid:Type B (6+)
Weight:11.3kg, 24.91lbs
Warranty: Lifetime

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Intended for commercial aircraft, the ‘Crashkit 6:7' has enough supplies to sustain six people for seven days in the event of an aviation emergency.

Various means of food, fire, water and shelter allow for multiple options; for example, this kit includes not only water rations, but also the means for additional purification.

Within this indestructible, crush-proof and waterproof Pelican 1450 case, over 300 of the most essential items needed in a survival situation are packaged and ready for easy use.

Please note:  ‘Crashkit 6:7' is designed for, and should only be purchased by, individuals with previous knowledge of wilderness survival techniques.

Additional information

Weight 11.3 kg
Dimensions 42 × 35 × 19 cm







5 Years

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