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The ‘Crashkit 4:7’ comes packaged in a yellow indestructible Pelican 1400 case and contains 305 of the most essential items needed for wilderness survival. As with all of our kits, we use only tried and tested products including Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets and the Spark-Lite Flint and Tinder kit (The official fire starter for the US Army)

The kit also contains multiple options to provide food, shelter, fire and water.

Quick Stats
Pelican Case:1400
DIMS:33.9 x 29.5 x 15.2 cm
13.37″ x 11.62″ x 6″
First Aid:Type B (6+)
Weight:8.1kg, 17.85lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
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Our ‘Crashkit 4:7', designed for use in typical GA light aircraft and commercial aircraft, contains the materials necessary to sustain four people for seven days in the event of a crash.

The variation of items within the kit allows for multiple options for food, fire, water and shelter; for example, in addition to the Mainstay packaged food, a fishing kit and snare are also included.

Every item included in this kit has been thoroughly tested and approved to ensure it performs flawlessly when needed, and meets or exceeds Transport Canada's Canadian Aviation Regulations to facilitate survival and rescue.

Content list is approximate.

Additional information

Weight 8.1000 kg
Dimensions 35 × 31 × 16 cm

Black, Desert Tan, Orange, Silver, Yellow

Optional Case size upgrade

Pelican 1450, Pelican 1500, Pelican 1520, Pelican 1550

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