Crashkit FS (Flight School Survival Kit)



Designed For: Flight schools, training aircraft, and emergency preparedness in aviation.

Case Specifications:

Type: Pelican 1120 Case
Material: Ultra-high impact structural copolymer
Exterior Dimensions: 8.41″ x 6.76″ x 3.87″ (213 x 172 x 98 mm)
Interior Dimensions: 7.29″ x 4.78″ x 3.33″ (185 x 121 x 85 mm)
Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)
Features: Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof with an automatic pressure equalization valve

Lighting and Signaling:
7 Miniature Glow Sticks
1 CrashKit LED Light
1 Signal Mirror
Fire Starting Tools:
1 Spark-Lite Fire Starter
Several Tinder Quick Fire Tabs
Survival Tools:
10 feet of Paracord
1 Tweezers
1 Bandage Scissors
Medical Supplies:
4 Emergency Blankets
4 Disposable Gloves
2 5×9 Abdominal Pads
8 4×4 Cotton Sponge Gauze
2 Rolls of Medical Tape
10 Band-Aids
3 Packs of Aquatabs Water Purification (treats 30 liters)
10 BZK Antiseptic Wipes
2 Antibiotic Ointment Packets
2 Triangle Bandages
1 Waterproof Notepad and Pencil

Case Resistance: Impact, temperature, and corrosion-resistant
Operational Temperatures: -40 to 210 F (-40 to 99 C)

Regulatory Compliance: Meets all applicable Transport Canada standards for emergency kits in aviation training environments.

Bulk and Educational Discounts Available

Key Features:
Comprehensive survival kit designed specifically for the aviation training sector.
Compact and lightweight, designed to be easily stored in small aircraft without sacrificing cockpit space or exceeding weight restrictions.
Contains essential survival and first aid tools to meet and exceed standard emergency preparedness requirements.

Ideal for inclusion in training aircraft as part of standard safety equipment.
Equips pilots and trainees with essential emergency tools to handle various survival scenarios effectively.

All contents are securely packed within the Pelican 1120 case, ensuring that components remain secure and ready for immediate use when needed.

“Ready for Anything: Equip your flight school with the Crashkit FS, where safety meets compact design.”
“Fly with Confidence: Every pilot’s essential survival partner, packed and ready for any emergency.”
“Beyond the Basics: Tailored to meet Transport Canada’s standards, ensuring your flight school exceeds safety expectations.”
**”Secure and Compact: The Crashkit FS fits perfectly in small aircraft, ensuring vital tools are always within reach.”

10-word description:
“Essential compact kit for focused flight school emergency preparedness. Survival and Type A First Aid.”
20-word description:
“Crashkit FS: Tailored for flight schools, ensures critical emergency preparedness with essential survival tools in a compact package.”
50-word description:
“Designed specifically for flight school requirements, the Crashkit FS provides essential survival tools in a compact and robust package. Compliant with Type A 1-6 First Aid, it ensures that pilots are equipped with necessary emergency resources without compromising cockpit space or weight limits.”
100-word description:
“The Crashkit FS is tailored for the unique needs of flight schools and training aircraft. Packed within a durable and compact Pelican case, it includes critical survival tools such as glow sticks, a LED light, and essential Type A first aid supplies, all carefully selected to comply with Transport Canada’s stringent safety requirements. This kit is designed not only to fit seamlessly into small aircraft spaces but also to ensure that pilots and trainees are prepared for any emergency without burdening them with unnecessary weight. Ideal for fostering a culture of safety and preparedness, the Crashkit FS is an indispensable part of any flight training program.”

Content List for the Crashkit FS
Pelican 1120 Case: Durable, compact, and watertight case that ensures all contents are protected and easy to store in any aircraft.
Miniature Glow Sticks (7x): Provides immediate lighting in emergencies, lasting up to several hours each.
CrashKit LED Light: Compact and efficient lighting solution for navigating or signaling in low light conditions.
Spark-Lite Fire Starter: Reliable and reusable tool for starting fires in survival situations.
Tinder Quick Fire Tabs: Fast-burning tinder that ignites easily, even in damp conditions, crucial for emergency warmth and cooking.
Emergency Blankets (4x): Helps retain body heat and can be used as a signaling device or temporary shelter.
Notepad and Pencil: Waterproof notepad and pencil for taking notes, planning rescues, or leaving messages.
Signal Mirror: High-quality reflective tool for signaling to rescuers during daylight.
Disposable Gloves (4x): Essential for hygiene and protection while administering first aid.
Abdominal Pads (2x): For handling larger wounds or controlling more significant bleeding.
Cotton Sponge Gauze (8x): Versatile dressing for wounds, usable as a filter or cleaning tool.
Medical Tape (2x rolls): Secure bandages or improvised gear with strong, adaptable tape.
Tweezers: For precision in first-aid procedures like splinter or debris removal.
Bandage Scissors: Safely cut through bandages, clothing, and other materials without injury.
Band-Aids (10x): Manage minor cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.
Aquatabs Water Purification (3x packs): Makes up to 30 liters of safe drinking water, crucial for hydration and survival.
BZK Antiseptic Wipes (10x): Cleans wounds or skin without harsh reactions, preventing infection.
Antibiotic Ointment (2x): Helps prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.
Triangle Bandages (2x): Versatile material for splinting limbs, supporting injuries, or creating tourniquets.
Paracord (10 feet): Highly durable cordage for securing gear, building shelters, or emergency repairs.


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