Crash Kit 6-Lite: Enhanced Safety for Mid-Size Teams


The Crash Kit 6-Lite extends the promise of comprehensive emergency preparedness to mid-size teams, fulfilling and exceeding Transport Canada standards for Survival and First Aid Type B (6+). This kit is expertly designed to cater to the needs of six individuals, ensuring that each member is equipped in case of emergencies, all within a compact and manageable setup.

Key Features:

Transport Canada Certified: Exceeds necessary standards for Survival and First Aid Type B (6+), ensuring top-level safety measures.
Optimized for Mid-Size Groups: Provides essential survival and first aid tools effectively scaled for teams of six, maintaining a balance between comprehensiveness and portability.
Efficient Packaging: Neatly organized in a robust Pelican case, designed for easy transportation and quick deployment in emergencies.

Case Model: Pelican 1170
Dimensions: 29.6 × 21.2 × 9.6 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
Color Options: Black, Desert Tan, Orange, Silver, Yellow
Customization and Adaptability:

Flexible Kit Options: Customize the contents based on specific team needs or environmental conditions.
Case Upgrades Available: Larger cases such as Pelican 1450, 1500, 1520, and 1550 can be chosen to accommodate additional supplies if needed.
Intended Usage:

Ideal for larger adventure groups, aviation crews, or remote teams who require a reliable and comprehensive safety kit that is still easy to manage and deploy.
Visuals and Media:

High-resolution images to showcase the kit’s organizational features and compact design.
Video tutorials demonstrating practical applications and setup in simulated scenarios, emphasizing its readiness and efficiency.
Customer Testimonials:

“With the Crash Kit 6-Lite, our team feels thoroughly prepared for any situation. The attention to detail and adherence to safety standards gives us immense confidence.” — [Name, Title, Company/Organization]
Bullet Points:

Meets and exceeds stringent Transport Canada survival and first aid standards.
Perfectly sized for groups of six, ensuring comprehensive coverage without bulk.
Customizable to diverse requirements and conditions.
Sturdy and portable, designed for quick access and use in emergencies.

“Team Preparedness, Streamlined.”
“Ready for Anything, Anywhere, Together.”


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