Crash Kit 2.7: The Flagship Survival Kit


The Crash Kit 2.7 has been the cornerstone of our offerings for over twenty years. As our flagship product, it has stood the test of time, evolving through numerous iterations to meet and exceed the demanding standards of general aviation and survival experts. Currently in its 275th version—a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement—this kit remains a vital resource for two individuals to survive for seven days under challenging conditions.

Key Features:
Comprehensive Supplies: The kit includes meticulously selected items that have been updated and upgraded through decades of feedback and technological advancements.
Adaptability: Designed to adapt to various survival scenarios, ensuring that every component offers the highest utility and reliability.
Compact and Organized: Despite its extensive contents, the kit is compactly arranged in a rugged case, making it easy to store and carry in light aircraft.

Transport Canada Certified: Exceeds all standards for Survival and First Aid Type B (6+), ensuring exceptional safety and reliability.
Optimized for Small to Mid-Size Groups: Ideal for sustaining two individuals for seven days with essential survival and first aid tools.
Efficient Packaging: Items neatly organized in a Pelican 1200 case, ensuring durability and easy access in emergencies.

Case Model: Pelican 1200
Dimensions: 27 x 24.6 x 12.4 cm
Weight: 4.31 kg
Color Options: Black, Desert Tan, Orange, Silver, Yellow
Customization and Adaptability:

Flexible Kit Options: Contents can be customized to meet specific group or environmental needs.
Case Upgrades Available: Options include Pelican 1450, 1500, 1520, and 1550 to accommodate additional supplies​


Enhancements in the Latest Version:
Extensive updates to core survival items, reflecting the latest in survival technology and user feedback.
Improved durability and functionality of tools, including water purification systems and multifunctional tools.
Usage Scenarios:
Ideal for pilots, adventure enthusiasts, and remote workers, the Crash Kit 2.7 ensures preparedness in the face of unexpected emergencies, providing peace of mind during any adventure or mission.

Usage Scenarios:
From pilots and adventure seekers to remote workers, the Crash Kit 2.7 is designed to offer peace of mind, ensuring readiness for any emergency, fostering confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Customer Testimonials:
“Crash Kit 2.7 has been an indispensable part of our flight gear. The comprehensive updates and attention to detail in each version make it unmatched in the market.” — [Name, Title, Company/Organization]

Visuals and Media:
Include high-quality images of the kit’s contents and a video demonstration of the kit in use, highlighting its compact design and ease of use in real-life scenarios.

Condensed Description:
The Crash Kit 2.7, evolved over 20 years to version 275, is our flagship survival kit, designed to sustain two people for seven days. It features upgraded components like FireCord, an advanced fishing kit, and a survival manual compliant with Transport Canada. Customizable for specific needs, it’s the ultimate survival kit for any adventurer.

Bullet Points:
Supports two people for seven days.
Contains upgraded FireCord, advanced fishing kit, and powder-based glow sticks.
Includes a comprehensive, in-house written survival and first-aid manual.
Compact and organized in a durable case, easy to store and carry.
Customizable options available to meet specific survival needs.

“Prepared for Anything, Anywhere.”
“Survival, Refined and Ready.”
“Your Lifeline, Upgraded.”


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