Crash Kit 10-Lite: Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness for Large Groups


Designed for larger crews and groups, the Crash Kit 10-Lite ensures complete preparedness for any emergency situation. This kit not only meets but exceeds Transport Canada’s Type B 6+ first aid standards, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to uphold the highest safety protocols in challenging environments.

Key Features:

Transport Canada Type B 6+ Certification: Specifically tailored to comply with and exceed Type B 6+ First Aid requirements, providing extensive medical resources suitable for large groups.
Large Group Support: Equipped to sustain up to ten individuals with essential survival and comprehensive first aid tools.
Efficient and Organized: Packed in a sturdy Pelican case, it offers easy storage with quick accessibility, ensuring rapid deployment when needed.

Case Model: Pelican 1170
Dimensions: 29.6 × 21.2 × 9.6 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Available Colors: Black, Desert Tan, Orange, Silver, Yellow
Customization Options:

Adaptable Contents: Clients can tailor the kit to include additional tools or specific medical supplies based on their unique requirements.
Case Upgrades: Options for larger cases such as Pelican 1450, 1500, 1520, and 1550 are available for groups requiring more extensive resources.
Intended Usage:

Perfect for extensive operations involving large teams, such as field research groups, large aviation crews, or emergency response teams in remote areas.
Visuals and Media:

Include detailed images of the kit layout, emphasizing both the quantity and quality of the contents.
Video demonstrations of kit deployment in simulated large-group emergency scenarios, illustrating its efficacy and ease of use.
Customer Testimonials:

“The Crash Kit 10-Lite has been indispensable in our large-scale operations, providing peace of mind with its comprehensive safety features and robust compliance with Transport Canada standards.” — [Name, Title, Company/Organization]
Bullet Points:

Fully compliant with Transport Canada Type B 6+ first aid standards.
Designed to support up to ten people with essential survival and medical tools.
Highly customizable to meet the specific needs of large groups.
Packaged in a durable, easy-to-carry case, ready for immediate use.

“Safety on a Large Scale: Be Prepared, Stay Safe.”
“Where Safety Meets Capacity: The Ultimate Large Group Kit.”


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