Air21 Survival Kit: Ultimate Group Safety Solution


The Air21 by Crashkit is designed to be the ultimate group survival kit, providing extensive resources to sustain up to 21 people for three days. Housed in the ultra-durable, crushproof, and waterproof Pelican AIR 1485 case, the Air21 kit contains 167 carefully selected items to cover all basic survival needs in the event of an emergency.

Key Features:

High Capacity: Supports up to 21 individuals, making it ideal for larger crews and groups.
Compact and Robust: Despite its extensive contents, the kit is compact and made to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.
Comprehensive Coverage: Includes tools for shelter, signaling, first aid, food, and water purification.

Transport Canada Certified: Exceeds all necessary standards for Survival and First Aid Type B (6+), ensuring exceptional safety measures for extreme situations.
Extensive Coverage: Designed to sustain 21 individuals, making it ideal for larger crews and passenger groups in aviation scenarios.
Superior Organization and Accessibility: Comes packed in a lightweight and durable Pelican AIR 1485 case, allowing for organized storage and quick accessibility during emergencies.

Case Model: Pelican AIR 1485
Dimensions: 56.7 × 35.7 × 22.9 cm
Weight: 6.8 kg
Color Options: Black, Desert Tan, Orange, Silver, Yellow
Customization and Adaptability:

Adaptable Kit Configurations: Allows for customization of contents to suit specific aviation requirements, enhancing the kit’s effectiveness and applicability.
Case Upgrade Options: Capability to upgrade to other Pelican case models for accommodating additional or specialized equipment as needed.

Meets or exceeds all required standards for group survival kits, designed with input from safety and survival experts.
Usage Scenarios:

Perfect for corporate teams, large expedition groups, or as a central emergency kit for events and gatherings.
Visuals and Media:

High-quality images of the kit in various states of deployment.
Video showcasing the unpacking and use of the kit in simulated scenarios to demonstrate its effectiveness and ease of use.
Customer Testimonials:

“The Air21 kit by Crashkit has given us peace of mind on our large group outings, knowing we are well-prepared for any situation.” — [Name, Title, Company/Organization]
Bullet Points:

Designed to support 21 people for up to three days.
Housed in a durable Pelican AIR 1485 case.
Contains 167 essential survival and first aid items.
Compact, comprehensive, and built to endure.

“When Every Second Counts, Count on Air21.”
“Ready, Reliable, Resilient: The Air21 Survival Solution.”


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