Legal Information


While we have made every effort possible to ensure the quality and durability of each and every Crashkit, it is the purchaser of the Crashkit that assumes all risks, responsibility and liability for the use of any and all contents and/or survival techniques included with any Crashkit product. Crashkit does not warranty or guarantee its contents adequate to sustain life, prevent or treat any or all post-crash traumas, injuries or death in any or all situations and therefore, the purchaser shall hold harmless and completely indemnify the manufacturers of any responsibility therein.

Survival instructions, techniques, supplies and equipment found within these kits have been thoroughly researched and tested, however, these items are provided on an ‘as is’ basis for general use only and no warranty is implied or expressed whatsoever in any way. Since every foreseeable circumstance a survivor may be faced with could not possibly be predicted, purchaser must be aware that Crashkit products may not be adequate in any or all situations.

The purchaser understands this, and upon purchase agrees to absolve all parties of responsibility including, but not limited to the manufacturer, distributor, and/or representatives of the company.

Even in trained hands, the contents of these kits cannot deal with every foreseeable survival situation, and therefore it is recommended that users take a survival course and learn how to use these kits properly and effectively to best survive in the region of intended flight.

Upon purchase of these kits, the purchaser will be informed of any expiration dates and storage hazards via automated email system. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for replacing expired product contents. Conditions such as temperature extremes and pressure changes may affect the storage life of these kits contents and make them unsuitable for use prior to expiration. Please ensure the kit selected falls within the temperature guidelines for the intended region of flight. It is the users sole responsibility to use and store these kits in compliance with any and all applicable local, provincial, federal, foreign or international laws and or regulations.