Last Kit Guarantee



We think this is the last kit you will have to buy. Ever. And since we are so convinced this kit is going to save your bacon, we are willing to buy your story back from you. Should you ever have the ‘opportunity’ to use one of our kits in a real world aviation situation, the manufacturers of the Crashkit would be happy to replace the kit, free of charge in exchange for your testimonial. Just return what’s left of the kit along with the TSB report number and we’ll repack your kit, free of charge!

Last Kit Guarantee – The Fine Print:

  • The Last kit guarantee applies to all original Aviation Series Crashkits: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, 27, 47, 67, 77 and 107.
  • This program is specific to the Aviation Series and does not apply to any ground based kit.
  • Incident requires a Transportation Safety Board file number and Incident/Accident Report.
  • Upon receiving your Crashkit, we will perform a thorough inspection and documentation of all items used, and the condition of these items upon return. Each item will then be examined and replaced as necessary to bring your Crashkit back to original condition.
  • Once your ordeal is over, and you’re sitting at home comfortably drinking a cup of tea by the fire, we would also like you to take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

Aviation Last Kit Questionnaire

  1. Would your life have been in jeopardy would you NOT had the Crashkit on board?
  2. Please describe the survival situation, in particular the use of your Crashkit and its effectiveness: use as much or as little detail as you see fit.
  3. Can you identify any modification whatsoever to improve the overall quality, durability and/or dependability of your Crashkit?
  4. Is there anything you would change anything about your Crashkit now that you have been through a survival situation?