Crashkit 2:7

As a pilot with a professional responsibility to others, we know you will want only the best survival options.

  • The ‘Crashkit 2:7’ has been designed for use in a typical GA light aircraft and contains over 200 essential items needed to sustain two people for seven days. This Aviation kit contains multiple options for the provision of food, fire and water, including Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets and the Spark-Lite Flint and Tinder kit.
  • The kit is packaged in a Pelican 1200 case and remains lightweight and compact for ease of storage.
  • As with all Crashkits, all products have satisfied rigorous testing to ensure they surpass Transport Canada regulations for aviation.

Crashkit 2:7 exceeds all Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration regulations for both survival and first aid, 1-6 person.


Redundancy in the items within the kit allows for multiple options for food, fire, water and shelter; for example, the kit contains four items capable of starting a fire. Containing over 200 of the most essential items needed in a survival situation, this kit is packaged in a Pelican 1200 case, and remains lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage on a craft.

Every item included in this kit has been thoroughly tested and approved to ensure it performs flawlessly when needed, and meets or exceeds Transport Canada’s Canadian Aviation Regulations to facilitate survival and rescue.

While this kit is not intended to provide Band-Aids for a paper cut on the flight line, it does contain a certified Type A, Transport Canada compliant First Aid kit. This kit is packaged in such a way that once it has been opened, it will be impossible to repackage again. While limiting use to an extreme situation, this ensures the most possible product available should a real emergency arise.

In addition to the Transport Canada minimum requirements, we have also included other First Aid items we feel would be necessary in the event of an actual aviation emergency. While greatly limited by space and various aviation regulations, we have assembled what we feel is the most comprehensive kit available.

Please note:  Crashkit 2:7 is designed for, and should only be purchased by,
individuals with previous knowledge of wilderness survival techniques.


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