Fleet Purchase

From the smallest to the largest,
we can outfit any fleet…
anywhere in the world

Operators of corporate fleet aircraft know that customer service,
safety and continuous improvement are always high priority. When it
comes to survival gear, this is especially so.

Crashkit works with fleets of all sizes providing guidance and advice
on the most appropriate equipment for companies around the world. Our
professional team have years of experience and knowledge not only with
Crashkit but also within aviation, Search and Rescue, nursing and
various other medical occupations which make us the perfect team to
discuss your requirements with you.

 What makes us Different?

 All of our kits are made to order which means you are guaranteed to
have a kit whose products are exactly as advertised. Our kits are not
mass produced, but built locally in Saskatchewan. This allows us to
focus on the details… details such as time sensitive contents will
always be at maximum freshness. And with our great follow up service,
expiration dates need not concern you….we keep an eye on all of that for
you and will let you know when you need a re-certification.
Why not give us a call and find out how we can help you improve your fleet today!