Custom Crashkit

Can I Customize my Crashkit?

The short answer: Yes, of course. We can do that. Give us a call!

At Crashkit, most of our kits are developed for crews and
passengers.  And when it comes to passengers, we assume they have
minimal wilderness survival skills and would be completely unprepared on
the basis they would never expect to be in a wilderness survival
situation in the first place.  All Crashkits are also built with
Transport Canada rules and regulations in mind. But what if you live in
a country with different restrictions? What if you just need a
different style kit?. Bigger or smaller, we can help!
Crashkit has customized high temperature desert, extended timeframe
arctic, long range, reduced weight and footprint kits… we’ve also had
calls to customize kits based on an aircrafts available cargo
compartment size and CofG.  Since each kit is handmade, there are a
number of customizations you can take advantage of.  
First Aid components may also be upgraded or changed to meet any
individualized restriction, qualification or certification.  While every
kit we build exceeds all Transport Canada regulations regarding
survival and all Professional Series Crashkits exceed Transport Canada
requirements for First Aid, all Crashkits still have the ability to be
upgraded should your operations manual differ from current regulations. 
In addition, minor changes are easy, too!  It may be that you are
looking to customize our existing range of kits with specific items, for
example a kit may come standard with a Leatherman Wingman, but you’ve
always wanted a Supertool 300?  No problem.  Need a Rebar, MUT or Wave
instead?  Easy!  Let us know your preference and we will substitute the
items when we build the kit.  It will only cost you the actual
difference in product.
Others out there may like to build a kit from scratch, not a problem,
send us your contents list, after a little research via our many
suppliers we will be able to provide you with a quote for your very own
Whether you need a custom kit for work or play, we’ve got over 9,000 products to create your perfect solution.
Give us a call or send us an email, and we’d be happy to come up with an answer that will work for you.