• Aviation Safety Solutions

    Aviation Safety Solutions

    Crashkit provides advanced safety equipment and training for aviation industry excellence.
  • Safety Solutions by Crashkit

    Safety Solutions by Crashkit

    Crashkit provides advanced safety equipment and training for aviation industry excellence.


In the high-stakes world of aviation, safety and preparedness are paramount. For over a decade, Crashkit has been dedicated to enhancing aviation safety with our specialized survival kits designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industry. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to quality have made us a trusted partner for pilots and aviation professionals worldwide.

Product Highlights

Crashkit offers a range of aviation-specific survival kits, including the Crashkit 2.7, 4.7, 6.7, 10.7, and the Crashkit Light series. Each kit is designed to meet the needs of different aircraft and crew sizes, ensuring compliance with aviation regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

Crashkit's aviation survival kits, such as the 2.7, 4.7, 6.7, 10.7, and the Light series, fully comply with Transport Canada regulations, ensuring their reliability and industry acceptance.

Customization Options

Crashkit's customizable survival kits cater to diverse aircraft and mission needs, appealing to both commercial and private aircraft operators.
Crashkit military sector

Aviation Safety Solutions

Crashkit provides customizable survival kits for aviation, including models 2.7, 4.7, 6.7, 10.7, and Light series. Compliant with Transport Canada regulations, these kits meet specific aircraft and mission needs, enhancing safety and reliability for commercial and private operators.

Benefits of Crashkit's Aviation Safety Solutions

Enhanced Safety: Crashkit’s survival kits significantly enhance on-board safety, providing peace of mind for pilots and passengers alike.

Readiness and Reliability: These kits play a crucial role in ensuring readiness and reliability during emergencies, which is vital in the aviation sector

Product Highlights

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Proven Track Record

With over 12 years holding a DUNS number and 14 years with a NATO CAGE code, our commitment to supporting military and government agencies is well-established.

Secure Direct Shipments

Leveraging frameworks like the Air Cargo Security Program, we offer streamlined logistics that bypass conventional shipping routes, providing faster and more secure delivery options directly to foreign governments.

Robust and Reliable

Our kits are designed to handle the most severe medical emergencies, including gunshot and knife wounds, providing critical care capabilities in the most dire situations.

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