Spark-Lite SL3-OD


Spark-Lite SL3-OD, Plastic striker, 8 Tinder-Quik, plastic box, Olive Drab.

NSN: 1680-01-233-0061
Spark-lite CAGE: 1HP49
Crashkit CAGE: L03C0

The Original Spark-Lite, Canadian Distribution by Crashkit.

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Crashkit has always been a big fan of Spark-Lite. It's waterproof and it will outlast even the most treacherous emergency situation. We were especially impressed with the ability to use the Spark-Lite with only one hand. This is why we have included an original Spark-Lite in every Crashkit manufactured since 2008.

When it comes to starting a fire, nothing touches the Spark-Lite for functionality and ease. The official fire starter of the U.S. Military, the Spark-Lite is simply the best. One should be in every backpack and emergency kit you own.

To use this simple tool, just pull a Tinder-Quik Fire Tab from the plastic case and ignite it with the Spark-Lite. Tinder-Quik is waterproof and will burn for 1-2 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get your fire started.

Extremely light weight
Simple to use
Works with a variety of materials you can find outdoors such as milkweed and other fibrous materials
Allows for easy single handed operation
Designed to spark hundreds of times
May be used with either the right or left hand.

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 8 cm

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