Crashkit Firecord


 340 kg, 750lb tensile strength
 32 strand sheath
 3 reflective strands
 7 triple – nylon inner strands
 1 hemp coated fire tinder – RED
 1 fishing line – GREEN
 1 cotton sewing thread – WHITE
 1 PVC knot tying card with 12 essential & easy to follow knot tying instructions

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Crashkit FireCord is based on the familiar MilSpec Paracord with several notable improvements. Crafted with pilots in mind, Crashkit FireCord is set apart from generic Paracord in several ways, including upgraded strength and utility, additional reflective properties and multiple additional strands including a hemp jute firestarter, cotton sewing thread along with a green fishing line. Additionally, each package of FireCord contains Crashkits own wallet size Knot Tying Reference Card. These cards depict 12 essential survival knots along with step by step instruction on how to tie them. As our Knot Cards are made from durable PVC plastic, these cards are waterproof and designed to last for years. They are an excellent learning tool and a valuable reference that is small and convenient enough to carry everywhere. These qualities make it adequate for both the classroom and survival situation environments.

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 2 cm

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