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Introducing a new concept for Crashkit! The Air Series!

Air21 has been designed to be the smallest, lightest and most robust survival kit available, with enough provision to sustain 21 people for three days in the event of a incident. Within this indestructible, crushproof and waterproof Pelican AIR 1485 case are 167 of the most essential items needed in a survival situation and are packaged ready for easy use. Every item included in this kit has been thoroughly tested and approved to ensure it performs flawlessly when needed, and meets or exceeds Transport Canada’s Canadian Aviation Regulations to facilitate survival and rescue. All Crashkits come equipped with supplies exceeding both Transport Canada requirements in SCHEDULE 2 (Subsections 9.8(4) and (5)) and SCHEDULE 3 Subsection 9.8(6)) for Type B, 6+ person First Aid Kit for narrow and wide body aircraft. In addition, there are also numerous other first aid supplies included that we have deemed ’particularly useful’ in the event of an aviation incident.

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Weight 12.91 kg
Dimensions 49 × 33 × 18 cm

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